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Its time to listen to some great music in the town of Barnet

From the 26th June till the 12th July you will be able to hear some great bands and artist in the following weeks.

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Any bands, musicians or venues that wish to get involved in next year’s BMF… get in touch, it’s not too late!

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Welcome to Music4Barnet…

a web site for the musicians and the music
in and around the town of Barnet Herts.

Music in Barnet is changing… If you have lived in Barnet for a while you would know that there has always been a healthy music scene in the town.

That is changing and there are now just a handful of venues where you could go and watch music or where a band could go and get a chance to play in front of a live audience.

Some of you who read this page would remember places such as the “The Con Club”, All Saints and the Rock A Cha back in the sixties. Places the kids of that era could go to for a great night of the sounds of the day. You could see well known groups (The Who played the All Saints in Whetstone) and have somewhere to go every weekend to meet old and new friends.

During the seventies you could go to “The Cambridge” to do a bit of skin head moon stomping or go to The Torrington to appreciate any of the excellent bands that played there. In Barnet town itself we had The Duke of Lancaster where you could also hear good music and good bands. Other pubs saw that the people wanted to go out and see live music and Baileys, the Cat and Lantern or the Green Man were always worth a visit to see the local bands progress.

In other forms of music in Barnet (other than Rock/Pop etc.) things seem better organised. It is easier to find others who share the same taste in music and venues are there to cater for this audience. Not so with the good bands we have around here (except for the Builders Arms who have become one of the best pubs to see live bands in the area). We will be covering all types of music from Classical to Country and Western and we hope to cater for your taste.

Through this web site we will highlight the musical talent that is alive in Barnet. Through Music4Barnet maybe some of us can do something about it.

We need a venue to cater for local bands and any other types of music that is not fairly represented. Folk, Blues, Country, Reggae could all do with a venue.

We would love to hear YOUR views.

Musicians, write in with your gripes or suggestions.


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